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The Reading List: Why Students Vote

Despite multiple calls to the National Jewish Democratic Coalition and the Republican Jewish Coalition yesterday and Monday, I couldn’t find stats, or any information, on young Jewish voter enthusiasm this election cycle. Here and above, however, is a cool anecdotal study on why students at the Iowa State University got to the ballot box. [HuffPo]

The Tulane Jewish Studies program is expanding–and that’s helping Jewish life on campus. [JTA]

The Shin Bet: OMG that US professor is a terrorist!!! Oh, one sec, wait… Our bad. Sorry, ma’am. [Tikkun Olam]

This doesn’t have to do with Jewish students per se, but I’m pretty sure that the author of this article on college girls and pornography is Jewish, and the article is awesome. The similarly awesome site it comes from is Her Campus, which does the same thing for collegiate women that NV does for collegiate Jews. [Her Campus]

Some students at a high school in California were playing “Beat the Jew.” Bad decision, kids. Now the ADL’s gonna take care of business. [Forward Shmooze]


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