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The Reading List: Israelis love Palestinian Beer, fear Palestinians?

It’s possible: Reportedly, Israelis are making their way to the Palestinian Oktoberfest in the Christian town of Taybeh… [Forward Schmooze]

And meanwhile, the Israeli government is advancing a bill requiring all Palestinian-Israelis to take a loyalty oath to the state. The shandas for the goyim never stop… [YNet]

As long as we’re on the topic of anti-Semitism, very well said by a blogger at the Jewish Journal:

So what, then, is anti-Semitism?

It’s a loaded, catchall phrase that seems to cover everything from violent pogroms to tasteless jokes, and in its truest form is a very real threat to Jewish life. But today the term gets thrown around so frequently, especially in the media, that what anti-Semitism actually is – and what it’s definitely not – has become frighteningly mysterious. [JJ The Hollywood Jew]

In better news, an umbrella organization for “gays and lesbians in traditional communities” forms, called Eshel. [Eshel Online]

And in Boston, a Conservative synagogue tries to rejuvenate, though it seems like this article is making too much of what are pretty mundane changes–a couple of new rabbis and office staff. The real story here is that Conservative synagogues are beginning to understand that something needs to change if they’re going to reach the prominence they had a few decades ago. [Boston Globe]

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