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The Reading List: Did Bibi get it right?

While the newborn direct talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority are on the line, even if the talks fail, the emergent politivcal winner may be none other than… Bibi Netanyahu. Keep in mind, however, that this would still mean that the talks had failed, which would suck. [Tablet]

Even worse news for the far left is that the Jewish Gaza-bound flotilla was, unsurprisingly, intercepted by the IDF. [NYT Lede]

Want to know what the world’s religions say about conflicts like these? Ask your atheist friends, who–according ot a new poll–know the most about God, the Bible and faith. [NYT]

I wonder where these people–ex-Nazi Jews–would fit on this poll? [CNN]

Either way, they fit well in the new, pro-Israel Poland. [Jewish Ideas Daily]

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