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An open letter to Karl Vick

Dear Mr. Vick,

It is my understanding that you live in Jerusalem and act as correspondent for Time Magazine. Based on what you wrote in your last article in the September 13 issue of Time, I find this hard to believe.

How can you live in Israel and insist that Israelis are not interested in peace? You are wrong to assume that Israelis are no longer preoccupied with the idea of a lasting peace between them and their Palestinian neighbors. Furthermore, Israelis are quite aware that their current PM is, for the third or fourth time (possibly more) in the short history of the State of Israel, going back to the negotiating table along with the leader of the Palestinian Authority. This is all in order achieve some degree of peace between us and the Palestinians. We may be a bit more wary of the success of this venture; you might even call us skeptical. However, in our defense, I have to say–been there, done that, got the t-shirt; several times in fact. So it is a bit understandable why Israelis are more hesitant to believe that this time the peace talks will actually come to fruition.

I guess you expect us to apologize for the fact that despite most Israelis are a bit preoccupied with their day-to-day life. Too bad that in real life, people still need to make a living. You also seemed to be upset that “peace” was not ranked number one, but number five of “the most urgent problems facing Israel” according to Israelis. But I want to ask you–wouldn’t you be concerned about your child’s education (#2) or the fact that hard crime is on the rise in the state in which you reside (#1)? I don’t think most Americans would rank the war in Afghanistan as the most urgent problem in the US; but Bush seemed to think that unless Afghanistan was taken care of, the US would possibly be facing a repeat of 9/11. Just because peace isn’t ranked number one doesn’t mean it is not “critical” (to quote President Obama).

Israelis want peace. Period. Even right-wing “settlers” would love to be able to drive home without getting shot at point-blank range. Forgive us for being a little wary this time around. How about you live through an intifada or have your brothers’ fight against terrorists who fire rockets at Israeli cities before you go around making such arrogant claims.


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6 Older Responses to “An open letter to Karl Vick”

  1. Miriam
    September 15, 2010 at 3:44 pm #

    Ugh. I am so sick of this idiot correspondent. I mean, seriously, what if someone wrote an article and titled it “Why Palestinians Don’t Care About Peace”? Think that’d get published? No, because that’s a nasty and bigoted thing to say. But apparently, not if you substitute Palestinians with Israelis.

  2. Martin C Winer
    September 16, 2010 at 3:42 am #

    Here here… good job. Here is some more info if you require it:

  3. Nancy Shapira
    September 16, 2010 at 4:02 am #

    Outrageously bad, unprofessional and certainly biased reporting. Shame on you TIME magazine and I hope you see the results in your subscription.

  4. Harpo Jaeger
    September 17, 2010 at 12:06 am #

    Beth, I agree with most of this (although it’s notable that Israelis are, as you say, exposed to more constant day-to-day violence than are Americans with respect to Afghanistan – the implication being that Israelis’ apparent lack of interest, comparatively speaking, is more significant), but I take issue with your statement that Even right-wing “settlers” would love to be able to drive home without getting shot at point-blank range.
    Obviously settlers don’t like being shot at. But my understanding is that they’re not terribly interested in stopping shooting at Palestinians either. As long as they can help perpetuate the cycle of violence, they get more and more land, land to which they feel they are religiously entitled. It’s a combination of perverse incentives (violence=more land) and truth-monopolizing (the land is ours and only ours, because G()d wills it).

  5. Pamela
    October 14, 2010 at 1:02 pm #

    It might help to know that Vick has lived in Jerusalem for all of three weeks before publishing this article. It shows. Vick came from the Washington Post, where he covered forest fires in Los Angeles, and the war in Iraq.

  6. Chris McReynolds
    December 7, 2010 at 5:27 am #

    I am fed up with liars that should know better. Given the amount of anti-semitic Jew-hatred (and I don’t even know a single Jew of Israeli) and the fact that the PLO clearly deceived a gullible American president (who cause presidents who followed to maintain the status quo) in to thinking that, gosh, if the terrorists get what they want (land and prosperity, right?) then everyone will be happy and all of the terror will be in the past!

    Given the blatant state of denial of so many people about the tragic mistake of legitimizing terrorist who then lie about virtually anything that seems even remotely possible to get away with, given all that…

    Does the world really need sloppy reporters who spice up their “angle” with implications that those Jews really are at fault because they were “fat and happy” so to speak?

    It seems to be this article strongly implies culpability on the part of Israel.

    Even if the PLO deserved to be accepted, whatever the “Palestinians” have can only be described as a failed state-that-never-was, but some loser needs to make his mark by adding controversy to his “narrative” (since when did truth matter?), what precisely would the Israeli government and or its citizens have to do to impress this brain-dead reporter?

    On the first Sunday next January, if there is no peace agreement that Abu Mazen will accept, we (them, not me) will all walk out of the nation and walk in to the sea, since that is the one thing we know they will accept. No turning back either. You must swim until you find a nation willing to accept you in your new home.

    Otherwise, you all stand accused (what else is new?)!

    The biggest mistake was in allowing the notion that Israel would ever return any land. As soon as the Muslim Israelis attacked rather than accept the Partition, that left Israel as the sole sovereign – Period! When those surrounding nations attacked, and then failed to come to peace terms, those borders were NEVER agreed by anyone!

    With regard to land gained in defensive wars, again, this is just too bad that fools dared to threaten a democracy who had no culpability to justify the constant belligerence.

    By the time the 1967 war ended, that was totally legitimate war of defense, and that land became territory under the sovereign nation of Israel. Only in the peace accords with Egypt did Israel ever have a commitment to a fixed border with any of them.

    And finally (that means Syria has no valid claim for the Golan Heights), if there is any dispute over the West Bank territories, then Jordan and Israel can negotiate. There are no other sovereigns involved.

    I only got involved when I became concerned about why Israel is constantly in the news, and whenever I followed claims against it, I found liars had caused the problems.

    Once 9-11 occurred, I called the bluff of a man who told me that “Islam is not really a religion of peace, not so much as they say.”

    The problem is Islam. Not only the explicit libels against Jews, but the doctrines of deception are perhaps as bad. I suppose people need to really sit and think about what that might do to a culture. There is no central “lies and deceptions” committee, so they lie to each other too, thinking that as long as the liar believes he or she is helping Allah, then they are doing the right things(s).

    You have a culture of liars who hate because of these cultural lies that tend to blame Jews and anyone who helps Jews. They really think the misery and filth that they weave in to their own lives. all of this is the fault of the Jews.

    You can learn the most from the reformed terrorists. I never accept any “fact” without authenticating it. I have no problem documenting so many lies that are used to incite hate.

    The United States needs to aggressively rebuke and reject the whole Palestinian charade. Israel owes them nothing. Individual refugees should be allowed to petition the UN for settlement, costs to be defrayed by whatever nation seems to be at fault on a case by case basis.

    The war on terror was caused by allowing terrorists to claim victory. We have to change the economics of terror back to the age where it was considered atrocious.

    Jimmy Carter is the worst US president in history, and every Democratic president feels he must take on the established peace “process” because he and his staff of anti-Semites created a market value for terror.

    Seriously, Jimmy Carter did more to harm to world peace than any other American citizen, bar none. I hope I live long enough to see the day when that finding is accepted and taught as established fact. For now, it’s enough to know that I figured it out for myself, and I do see clearly what has happened and why the holocaust is not quite over.

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