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The Reading List: It’s time for the Bagel Party

Call up the spirit of 1773! Defend your freedoms! Slap on the chives shmeer! The time has come for us to fight against New York’s bagel tax, proposed recently in Albany. [Above the Law]

Is the IRS “impeding or denying” tax exemptions from non-profits that oppose Obama’s Israel policies? If so, the Elders of Zion need to have a little talk with their taxman cronies in the US government. [Forward]

But maybe it’s not the Elders who are in control, but rather the “Arab Lobby!” That’s what a recent book by Mitchell Bard says, subtitled “The Invisible Alliance That Undermines America’s Interests in the Middle East.” And in a move to somehow get less credible, Abe Foxman has blurbed the book. For those of you who recall the vehement reaction to “The Israel Lobby,” this is hypocrisy at its best. Terrible. [Weigel]

On that note, is sharia taking over the country? Newt Gingrich says yes. The editor of the New Jersey Jewish News tells him not to be stupid. [New Jersey Jewish News]

So I just found this feature on Tablet called “A Yiddisher Pop,” which I don’t really understand, but something tells me I should think this is cool. [Tablet]

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