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The Reading List: 80’s music video parody hits Israel and more…

Thought the barrage of flotilla-themed YouTube videos was over two months ago? Think again. The latest critique of Israel’s lackluster public relations operation comes in the form of “Internet Killed Israeli PR,” a parody of the catchy “Video Killed the Radio Stars” from our beloved 1980s, that focuses on the spin battle following the flotilla raid. We still prefer Israeli soldiers finding their inner Ke$ha in Hebron. [YouTube]

In Israeli tidbits that don’t suck away all hope for a better Middle East, it seems the Jewish state is taking its ridiculously impressive hi-tech industry to new heights. Prime Minister Netanyahu has announced a new initiative to put $8 billion per year into the country’s growing space program, which may partner with NASA. [Jerusalem Post]

Recalling Michael Richards’s disastrous racist rant a few years ago, famed psychiatrist and MOT Dr. Laura Schlessinger went on a discriminatory tear yesterday when she said the N-word to a caller  11 times in order to show that the caller–an African-American–was being “too sensitive” about her husband’s friends’ racist comments. Where’s the ADL on this one? [CBS]

Another hopeful sign: as American Jews rush to the defense of Muslim American rights, eight Muslim American leaders go on a concentration camp tour in Eastern Europe. [Forward]

If you thought your Bar Mitzvah party was ostentatious, give yourself a pat on the back. At least you didn’t take part in a growing trend: destination Bar Mitzvahs. [Moment]

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  1. Gina Cumley
    November 25, 2011 at 12:56 am #

    What the heck? A commentor who doesn’t wanna crucify Scott? Who engages Scott’s issue and reflects on the Christian culture in which his problem is couched?

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