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A New Blog for New Voices

Welcome to the future.

We may not have flying cars or a baller Starship Enterprise to battle aliens but as of today, the New Voices blog will be taking its content to the next level.

Now, when you visit our site, you’ll find new blog posts every day by a group of writers from around the country and across the Jewish and political spectrum. Our new writers will be posting on anything from Orthodox women quasi-rabbis to culture, Israel, politics, sports, you name it.

Our revitalized blog is the first step in a mission to make the go-to site for every Jewish college student, with news, opinions, links, events, photos, videos and much more, all written and submitted by you.

Have ideas for how to make better suited to your needs, or just more fun? Want to write for the blog? Email me at and introduce yourself.

After all, this site is for you: now you can make it your own.

Ben Sales
Incoming Editor, New Voices

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  1. Kyle Hutch
    January 15, 2010 at 3:49 am #

    Howdy nice job on the website looks good


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