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Not another Jewblog…

Sure, we’re about a decade behind the curve. But after an aborted stab at the Jewblog market two years ago (does anybody know how to take down old blogspot blogs with long-forgotten passwords?), New Voices is excited to present a brand new blog with a brand new sense of mission. Here’s why you need us.

You know that inane Facebook marketing campaign that the UJC ran during Chanukah? It was called Team SuperJews, and it was the kind of thing that happens when you allow 60-year-old Jewish professionals develop your internet strategy. You probably don’t remember it. That’s because the minute you heard about it, it’s transparent lameness and extreme pointlessness impressed itself upon you, and you clicked away. Not so the editors of the major Jewish blogs. Both Jewschool and Jewlicious published excited posts about it. The Jewlicious post was an uncritical press release, the Jewschool post a promotional video creatd by one of the site’s contributors for the UJC.

And there’s the problem. Jewschool and Jewlicious are great, but their contributors have been in the Jewish world for too long. The prominent bloggers on both of the sites are, by now, fully integrated Jewish professionals. We respect and value their work, but in growing up they have created a vacuum on the Jewish web. There’s no comprehensive blog or website written by and for Jewish students and recent graduates, relative outsiders on the Jewish scene, still wondering if and where they fit in.

Over the next few months, keep your eyes on this space as we add more bloggers and develop our content. If you’re interested in writing for us, e-mail me at

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  1. ck
    April 26, 2009 at 8:20 am #

    Here’s a hint. When we just publish a press release, it’s a not so subtle signal for our readers to uh… make up their own minds. “Fully integrated Jewish Professional?” Walla. I’m fucked, eh? In any case, we welcome all new voices to the Jewish blogosphere. I suggest you make your mark on the strength of you content rather than by knocking others down. Except for Jewschool. Feel free to knock those fuckers down whenever you like.

    Kidding! It’s all about love, all about love…

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